Power to the Network

We create niche digital ad networks. Because everyone deserves a bigger slice of pie. 

Keep it Simple

Ad Pie uses simple yet powerful technlogy to create and power its ad networks – Network Partners can integrate in minutes while Agencies can tap into an intuitive powerful ad serving experience.


Create Ad Zones

Get up and running in minutes by generating  simple ad codes to embed on your site. Our native ads can be customized to fit your site design and seamlessly fit with your site’s content. 

Bill Clients

Agency portals allow sales teams to quickly add their own advertisers, make sales, and place ads. Commissions are paid out monthly via PayPal.

Add Media

Running campaigns is a breeze with a simple interface and powerful targeting capabilities. Partner sites can moderate the ads that appear on their site, to ensure quality. 

Payments, Simplified

Provide your advertisers with the flexible and transparent payment options they expect from larger networks like Google and Facebook. 

Incremental billing means they get charged once they recieve value, while reducing risk of unpaid campaigns. 

Network partners and agencies get paid out monhtly via automated PayPal transfers.


Clients and Campaigns,
Just a Click Away

We keep things really simple for both the network (supply) and agencies and advertisers (demand)

From creating new campaigns to adding new advertisers and monitoring their accounts.

Our platform was built simply enough to be self serve – you can let your advertisers log in to create and run their campaigns on their own.


The Power of Niche

We believe in the power and value of staying focused. Your audience is passionate and committed to your content – wny not serve them ads that align with your vision and message? Do what Google and Facebook can’t: stay focused.